Yukari Kaihori

Surface Noise

027 A8738
Kaolin on calligraphy paper, 2000mm x 2000mm
“The future has an ancient heart.”
— Carlo Levi
027 A8784

My research project investigates Japanese aesthetic values and their relationship with the phenomenological investigations of two philosophers: Kitaro Nishida and Martin Heidegger. I am interested in what happens to our consciousness when we meet the object. This direct and raw experience connects to Nishida’s concept of 'pure experience'.

Through my work, I have explored the materiel nature of paintings as a means to consider the ontology of things and spaces. This project refers to the late Modernist traits found within Minimalism and the Mono-ha movement. I am interested in questioning the essence of a painting by exploring and investigating its constitutional elements, for example, the medium, the surface, the support, the hanging system and how it relates to the installation space.

Robert Ryman called his paintings 'realism', working on painting as objects. I hope to build upon this kind of inquiry.

027 A8757
Plastic floor drop, paper string, nails
Yk Cropped2
Calligraphy paper, rabbit skin glue / whiting on paper, wood support, paper string
Yk Cropped V25
Oil on paper, wood support, vinyl
027 A8750
Calligraphy paper, wood support, vinyl
027 A8766
Paper string with nail/ oil on paper, wood support with paper string
027 A8777

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