Maddison Sutton

The Artist's Gaze

Maddi Sutton 1

This photographic series explores the gaze through the intimate lens of the artist. The diaristic photographs are mixed examples of the female gaze, with a focus on eroticised male figures. I aim to capture moments of vulnerability and energy between myself, the model and, later on, the viewer of the photograph. Challenging the gaze is an important concept to me, as is exploring themes of sexuality, desire and gender. There is a mix of formats, including 33mm analogue film, polaroids and digital prints. The frames document the artist’s relationality, the subjects all significant in my life as friends, current partners or past partners. Never strangers, all connected.

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Maddi Sutton 3
“My desire is to preserve the sense of people’s lives, to endow them with the strength and beauty I see in them. I want the people in my pictures to stare back”
— Nan Goldin
Maddi Sutton 4
Maddi Sutton 2
Thank you Nick, Jamali, Anton, Wumi, Riley, Biku, Xavier, Finn, Ross, Riccardo Tuva'a and Harry
“Who owns anything he has not made? With your beauty I am as uninvolved as with horses' manes and waterfalls. I breathe the breathless I love you, I love you - and let you move forever”
— Leonard Cohen, The Spice-Box of Earth

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