Quentin Lind

There's No Place Like Home

Q Lind2
I Salute That Various Field, Footage converted from 8mm film, Field Monitors, Beer Crate

This project began with introspection.

It began with looking towards the social constructs and traditions which operate in New Zealand and the ways in which they shape our understanding of modern masculinity. Through observing the characters depicted in local pop culture such as television and film, as well as real life cases found within my own family, this essay, along with the associated body of work, examines the classic Kiwi Bloke as a character and explores its impact and relevance in contemporary New Zealand culture. 

Q Lind1
Yardstick 2, Moving Image Projection, Duration 6 Minutes 30 Seconds

Drawing also from the wellspring of archival film and photography my grandfather created and my own personal accounts of being raised by a solo mother, this project examines the masculine tradition and presents an alternate view of what it means to be a man in New Zealand. 

Q Lind6
Videos stills from short film Barry 2, Duration 2 Minutes and 56 Seconds
Q Lind4
Yardstick 1, Hand Blown Yard Glass, Used By 3 Generations Of the Artists Family
Q Lind5
Video Stills from Beer Study 2, Duration 56 Seconds
Q Lind3
Past is Past (Detail View), 23 Archival Images

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