Samantha Poots

Celebrating Women in Sports

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The Space

To celebrate all women in sport, to redefine and represent women in any form of media to promote her true identity with the honesty in which she deserves. Creating this platform should allow all women of different ages to establish or develop a sporting community/culture.  This will empower and encourage individuality, capturing her unique and enhancing her originality. The selection and use of the images within my work have been sourced from a range of women and how they would prefer to be perceived as representatives of their sports rather than how the media portray them. Women need to change the way in which they are currently marketed. 

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Collaboration of women in sport

Women need to change the way in which they are currently marketed. The images have been blown up to expose a printing process called colour halftones. I feel this challenges the standard conventional media and the need to focus on the movement of the subject within her environment. Included in this presentation is a video that captures women's ability and enables her to show the diversity within a variety of disciplines. We need to embrace and enjoy a women's performance.

The concept of critical design is used through the layout of media in my project which creates subtle alterations to disrupt everyday interactions with the viewer, and challenging current associations with media. This can change perspectives in the way of creating social and cultural change. Through this process, I have also created graphics for skis, snowboard, skateboards and a surfboard from the development of the media design that will allow the ideas to pass into graphic design for a product rather than just publication. Using the graphics more than a two-dimensional surface, where the design becomes alive in its movements by altering  the way women move within the design, through natural environments of performance and to reinforce social change.

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 The idea that my work can function outside of  the current market standards, inspire and challenge the limitations that media have created for the perfect image. 

Consideration of the display space in a public area is a vital tool. I want my work to engage with the outside audience and draw the viewer in, to interact with the installation. This space should challenge perception in which has currently been created by media. 




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