Hannah Bennett

Confidence Looks Good On You

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My practice is focused around my interest in the differing relationships women have with their clothing and how this affects their self-perception. This came from a place of reflecting on my own personal journey of self confidence and how clothing has played a part in this revelation.

I was curious about the connections the women in my life may have to their clothing in relation to their self-hood, as well as their experiences as a female.

We shared in the art direction of the photography; it was important to me that my participants were photographed individually and that each ‘had her moment’ through both image and text components. Each participant chose what they would wear and the location where they would be photographed. At the same time, I focused on trying to achieve a ‘lightness’ within the work as a way of attempting to balance a ‘heavy’ subject matter which includes themes such as female inequality and its relationship to self- confidence.

The title 'confidence looks good on you' reflects the optimism towards women's self-perception which is often activated when wearing something that makes them feel great.

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