Felixe Laing

Holding On - Letting Go - Letting On - Holding Go

43 A5515
Grief lay her down, textile screen print on cotton sheet.

This project aims to find balance; to hold on and to let go. It is the treasuring of objects and the memories they represent, but it is also the relinquishing of those that are holding me in the past or in a state of grief. I have had to actively untangle myself from these objects, which I had formed deep personal attachments to and a desire to preserve. I have adopted symbols of grief and personalised them with my own narratives and representations of my sentimental objects. With narrative being an important aspect in the work, it made sense that a writing practice emerged; like my fingerprints, my handwriting inscribes these works with meaning. The ceramic process and textile work are both tactile and engage a sense of the hand and the presence of a maker. By making objects I am making new histories and working toward a balance of new and old. I am the one who holds myself back. Here I am letting on. It is not the avoidance of melancholy, nostalgia or sentimentality, but a considered embrace.

The weight of grief, ceramic stone on silk.

At first grief was like a rock I had to carry with me. Maybe one day it will be a pebble in my pocket- but I know that grief will always be amongst my belongings.

Remembering, ceramic flowers.
Nostalgia is the colour blue, ceramic objects.
43 A5504
I’m wearing you, the thought of you in my head, through my ear, silk, ceramic earings, copper, wood.
Install seen through silk curtain.
43 A5506
Holding On Letting Go Letting On Holding Go, ceramic flowers.
43 A5507
Holding On Letting Go Letting On Holding Go, ceramic flowers and wreaths, hemp string.

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