Freya Kulasegram

Just Around The Corner

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“What happens when we linger on such images? What do they reveal and what do they simultaneously conceal in the very moment of revelation? What invisible forms of labour - family labour, semiotic labour, individual and community labour - do they make visible as necessary and essential practices of diasporic formation?”
— Tina M. Campt, 'Family Matters: Diaspora, Difference, and the Visual Archive', 2009

What do you take with you and what do you leave behind?

What is saved, archived, restored, and what sits in storage forgotten? 

How do we stay connected? 

What do we pass on?


Borne out of a desire to decipher a specific kind of globalised lifestyle, 'Just Around The Corner' attempts to disseminate the ‘global-nomad’ family unit. It examines those who have immigrated two, three, four times over, and the values they place upon certain objects.

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Drawing upon theories about photography and memory, and photographic publication in the digital age, the work riffs off of photo books and zine culture as a process of distilling and archiving collections. In doing so it attempts to reveal the heart of coping when lives and loves span continents, and the next move may be just around the corner.

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