Courtney Begbie

Marks of Discovery

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“May one see the beauty of pareidolia dancing between the simple child-like marks.”

These works are large scale prints made with the intent to reveal marks created through an unconscious process. They are based on non-teachable, instinctive skillsets formed in early childhood, and are learned only through doing.

Neuroscience explains that the unconscious can control more than we think. As we can only concentrate on one or two tasks at a time, I let my instincts form marks in the moment.

Each mark looks simple and childlike; these marks are ambiguous, but if you look at them for a while, you may see a multitude of images.

Marks may reveal faces, patterns and objects, images which your mind finds similar in form. The colour captures the depth and feeling while the beauty of simple childlike marks reveals dancing pareidolia, alluding to meanings only you may see.

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