The content of my work is a personal retrospective of the experience of being female: a manifestation of condensed emotion and personal history made flesh. This female creature that I have birthed in my Entity, the spewing forth of myself in a most horrendous manner - she is me and I am her, the me that is not me, the horrific Other.

I consider the method I use to create my artwork to be a reflection of my background in traditional oil painting, while also employing techniques and materials used in drawing and illustration. The rendering of my artwork utilises blending of and reliance on the base colour, while also creating bold outlines to define and suggest the curves of the female form. My artwork is created using coloured board, coloured pencils, ink, and, when visual impact is required, paint.

My main thematic influences that have directly shaped the appearance of my Entity’s manifestation is horror films, and the horror culture; a mass of guts and gore, a celebration of the obscene and other-worldly, where the scale of sex and death stands present as a buxom-hatchet-wielding-demon-babe. Through my artwork’s creation, I hope that the individuals that encounter my Entity’s manifestation confront the horror of the female form before them; that she is neither ignored nor feared, but rather prompts the individual to look within themselves and to realise their own monstrous Other.


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