Ekaterina Dimieva

Complexity, Chaos and a Sense of Place

Here Not There 1000Px
Here, Not There, 1500x1000mm, acrylic on canvas
“It doesn't reveal itself... ”
— Per Kirkeby

The aim of this project is to explore complexity in an abstract painting practice by making elaborate, multi-layered, non-linear abstract paintings that push the boundaries of order and disorder. These works could be viewed as mindscapes overloaded with information on the brink of collapsing into chaos. They are profuse, obsessively abundant and somewhat disparate, discordant conglomerations that sit on the edge of overwhelming disarray. The paintings have a strong sense of place that anchors complexity within a framework, be it a dystopian landscape, an overworked topographic map or a futuristic 'neverland'.

Header 1676X1116
The Dreaming, 2400x1200mm, acrylic on board
3Pics 1200Px
The Land 1000Px
The Land, 1500x1000mm, acrylic on canvas
2Pics 800Px
Too Much Not Enough 800Px
Too Much, Not Enough, 1200x1200mm, acrylic on board

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