Susan Ewen

Down to Earth

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Photo: C. Watson

We live in a post-natural world. To have a tactile and first-hand experience of a place is to be human. The camera has provided a window to the beauty of a stand of kahikatea trees. They survive in small isolated stands as indigenous trees without a media profile. Installation, paintings, and photography acknowledge the mana of these 'cathedral' trees.

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Kahikatea. Mixed media on linen. Photo: M. Hidalgo
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Kahikatea ash, charcoal, shellac on Habotai silk and MDF. Photo: M. Hidalgo
09 A3874
Photo: M. Hidalgo
09 A3905
Photo: M.Hidalgo
09 A3850
Photo: M. Hidalgo
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Photo: M. Hidalgo

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