Logan Moffat

The Studio

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“Consciousness is the number of feedback loops required to make a model of your position in space with relation to other organisms and time. ”
— Michio Kaku

The paintings are a self-reaction to the environment I inhabit: the ‘real’ world and the digitally created ‘idealised’ one. Through constant absorption my consciousness is continuously evolving. Therefore I present my paintings not complete, but within a continued state of evolution. The painting is not finished, until I’m dead …

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Through the ‘painterliness’ and gestures on the canvas I create the narrative of the painter in the studio, conceptualising, reacting and responding to stimuli. This is intrinsic to the visual representations of the studio in my paintings, a forming of a subject which reacts to the studio environment.

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This is a process of discovery, a purposing for myself as a painter through the exploration, absorption and assimilation in response to information around me. I create the non-visual self-portrait. One that embodies the time I am in. 

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