Et2 Cut1
Tom and Emily, "koup de grâce" (2017)

A continuous collaborative dialogue is at the core of this project, something that we have attempted to anchor in our architectural surroundings. This has involved looking at ways that we could intervene, change, or alter our surroundings, looking at materials within our immediate context as sites for generative possibilities. A key question within this investigation is that of critical positioning, that is, where we stand in relation to the institution.

We have addressed this by continuing to work and present collaboratively, despite the complications this has produced. The works presented in our respective spaces are indicative of this ongoing inquiry.

Et2 Uniforms
Tom and Emily, "uniforms" (2017)
Et2 Cut2
Tom and Emily, "koup de grâce" (2017)
Et2 Sticks
Tom and Emily, "sticks" (2017)
Et2 Sinks
Tom and Emily, "sinks" (2017)

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